Edith Heath

Edith Kiertzner Heath (Edith Heath was born on May 24, 1911 – December 27, 2005) was an American studio potter and founder of Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, California. Edith Heath is well known for her avant-garde, minimalist mid-century modern ceramic tableware, including “Heathware,” and architectural tiles. Heath was a pioneer in advancing the evolution of … Read more

Chris Gustin

Chris Gustin is an American ceramicist born 1952 in Chicago, Illinois. Gustin’s art is based on the human form, as evidenced by the shape, color, and scale of the pieces. Gustin creates sensual, curvaceous objects that speak to the human figure as well as the artist’s hand. Chris received his BFA from the Kansas City … Read more

John Glick

John Parker Glick (1938-2017) was a ceramic artist who lived in the United States. John Glick is best known for his innovative one-of-a-kind dinnerware designs, influenced by the decorative patterns and glaze selections of Japanese pottery. John was born in Detroit, Michigan, and died in Walnut Creek, California. He earned his MFA from Cranbrook Academy … Read more

Melvino Garretti

Melvino Garretti (born 1946 in Los Angeles) is an American multidisciplinary artist who works in ceramics, painting, and performance. We know Garretti’s artworks for their abstract motif, which often includes a variety of colorful emblematic shapes, symbols and often includes spikes, spiral forms, and jagged edges. Garretti is a 1978 MFA graduate of San Francisco … Read more

Laura Ann Fry

Laura Anne Fry was an American artist who specialized in wood carving, ceramics, and china painting. Laura Fry was born just outside of Lafayette, Indiana, in 1857. Laura worked at both the Rookwood Pottery Company and the Lonhuda Pottery Company as a ceramic painter and teacher. She received a patent for a mouth-blown atomizer, which … Read more

Michael Frimkess

Michael Frimkess is an American ceramic artist who lives in Venice, California. Frimkess is best known for employing forms from Greek, Chinese, and Indigenous American antiquity on pottery. Michael Frimkess was one of the youngest artists to study with ceramic tradition maestro Peter Voulkos at the Otis Art Institute, where he was one of the … Read more

Ken Ferguson (Modern Ceramic Artist)

Kenneth Richard Ferguson (1928 – 2004) was an American ceramist. Ken Ferguson is best known for his stoneware incorporating sculptures of hares, such as Vessel with Hares in the collection of the Honolulu Museum of Art. He was born and raised in Elmwood, Indiana, by two industrious manufacturing laborers who urged him to pursue an … Read more

Michelle Erickson

Michelle Erickson (born 1960) is an American ceramic artist who specializes in contemporary ceramics. Michelle Erickson is best known for her colonial-era ceramic styles, which she employs in the construction of twenty-first-century social, political, and environmental sculptures. Erickson received her BFA in 1982 from William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Michelle Erickson’s Career Her first … Read more

Ruth Duckworth

Ruth Duckworth was a modernist sculptor who specialized in ceramics. Ruth worked in stoneware, porcelain, and bronze for over six decades. Ruth’s sculptures are mostly untitled. She is best known for Clouds over Lake Michigan, a wall sculpture. Ruth Duckworth excelled at creating vessels and sculptures that were radically free-form, organic, and liberated from function. … Read more

Chris Dagradi (Interesting Facts!)

Chris Dagradi is an American artist who lives and works in the Netherlands. He works as a painter, sculptor, and ceramist artist. Chris is best known for powerful lines, colors, layering, depth, and diverse decoration techniques such as underglaze, on-glaze, transfers, and photo transfers. Chris Dagradi was born in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. August 21, … Read more