Maria Longworth Nichols

Maria Longworth Nichols Storer (March 20, 1849–April 30, 1932) is best known for being the founder of the famous Rookwood Pottery in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1880. Maria was the first female owner of a ceramic shop at the time. Maria was the granddaughter of rich Cincinnati industrialist Nicholas Longworth. She worked hard to change the … Read more

Hideaki Miyamura

Hideaki Miyamura (born in 1955 in Niigata, Niigata, Japan) is a New Hampshire-based Japanese-born American potter. Miyamura is most recognized for his distinctive iridescent glazes, which include a captivating gold glaze, a “starry night” glaze on a black backdrop, and a blue hare’s fur glaze. Miyamura’s glazes are inspired by the tenmoku Chinese glazes used … Read more

Harrison McIntosh

Harrison McIntosh (Born 1914 – Died 2016) was a ceramic artist from the United States. He was best known for his Mid-Century Modern pottery style, which featured simple symmetrical forms. Japanese pottery and aesthetics, as well as European modern design, influence his art. McIntosh was particularly renown for decorating his pots with thin lines using … Read more

John Mason Ceramics American Artist

John Mason was an American artist who was known for his experimental work with ceramic art and sculptures. John Mason was born on March 30, 1927, in Madrid, Nebraska, and died on January 20, 2019, in Carlsbad, California. Mason’s work focused on exploring the physical properties of clay and its “extreme plasticity”. He created new … Read more

Karl Martz (What I Discovered)

Karl Martz was an American potter, ceramic artist, and teacher who lived in Columbus, Ohio, USA, from 1912 to 1997. When Karl Martz worked, he made things out of clay, stoneware, and porcelain. Known for making pottery with clay slabs. Emphasized the correct use of basic clay tools as a teacher at the School of … Read more

Kirk Mangus

Kirk Mangus (1952 to 2013) was a ceramic artist and sculptor is known for playful, gestural style, and experimental glazing. Kirk’s work is known for having high relief surfaces deeply carved with personal iconic motifs on well-known classical forms. Kirk is inspired by Greco-Roman art, mythology, Japanese woodblock prints, comic books, and ceramics from Meso-America … Read more

Warren MacKenzie

Warren MacKenzie (February 16, 1924, Kansas City, MO and Died: December 31, 2018) was an American craft potter. Warren MacKenzie is noted for his basic, wheel-thrown practical pottery, which is influenced by Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada’s Japanese aesthetic. He grew up in Wilmette, Illinois, the second oldest of five children, including his brothers, Fred … Read more

Roberto Lugo

Roberto Lugo (Born 1981 in Kensington, Philadelphia) is an American potter, social activist, spoken word poet, and educator. Lugo’s work draws together hip-hop, history, and politics into formal ceramics and 2D works. Lugo uses porcelain as his medium of choice, illuminating its aristocratic surface with imagery of poverty, inequality, and social and racial injustice. Roberto … Read more

Cliff Lee Ceramics

Cliff Lee (born 1951 in Vienna, Austria) is a ceramic artist from the United States. He is well-known for his intricately carved and glazed porcelain pots made from kaolin clay from England’s White Cliffs of Dover and inspired by Chinese Song dynasty porcelain. Cliff Lee works on a potter’s wheel with translucent porcelain to create … Read more

Doyle Lane (Fascinating Facts)

Doyle Lane (1925–2002) Born in New Orleans, was an African-American ceramist recognized for his tactile glazes and inventive designs. From tiny vases and ceramic sculptures to large-scale clay paintings and mosaics, his work was diverse. Lane attended the University of Southern California and maintained a studio in the East Los Angeles neighborhood of El Sereno. … Read more