Earthy Red Berries Ceramic Interior Wall Art 11.5×8 Inches Signed


Abstract Red Berry Wall Decor

  1. This is a beautifully handmade abstract berry wall art.
  2. Formed from clay and fired in a kiln.
  3. Hand painted interior decoration.
  4. The Ceramic artwork is approximately 11.5 inches tall by 8 inches wide.
  5. Pre-wired, ready for hanging.
  6. Signed by the artist.

Shipping to the 48 continental United States only.

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Size Chart

The Ceramic artwork is approximately 11.5 inches tall by 8 inches wide. Clay sculptures that are based on natural forms are painted with vivid colors to make them look like berries, and then they are fired. Clay is shaped into the form of berries by hand, and after that, they are given a one-of-a-kind finish by being painted with colors that come from nature. The completed work is an original abstract piece of art that is centered on berry-themed imagery. Abstract artwork that is colorful, interesting, three-dimensional, up-to-date, handmade, and has a very strong sense of individuality.

Making Of My Berry Wall Art

Clay that has been heated to more than 2,000 degrees is used to hand-craft this piece of abstract wall art with a berry theme. The colors and textures found in nature served as an inspiration for this piece of artwork, which was created using the very same natural elements. Every day, nature presents us with a plethora of naturally occurring colors and textures to choose from. Simply by observing the natural world, I can find a never-ending source of new color combinations to include into my artwork. You can read the entirety of my piece here:  How I make my berry artwork

Happy Berries

I took many berry forms and texture I found in nature and recreated it in clay, which I then hand-formed rather than using a potter's wheel. Because I did not manufacture the majority of my work on a wheel but rather by hand, this is the point at which I diverge from the most traditional pottery artists. My work stands out from other conventionally styled clay art and pottery because to the incorporation of an organic quality that is achieved through the use of this technique in each individual item. My realization that I do not need to rely on molds to develop my artwork was brought on by the utilization of a variety of coloring materials. Consequently, I would not be able to fulfill your request if you wanted me to produce another piece of artwork that was an identical replica of the one I had just done. Every single one of my works of art is one of a kind. You can view further examples of my work here: Happy berries wall decor