Happy Berries Ceramic Interior Wall Art 11.5×5.25 Inches Signed


Abstract Berry Wall Decor

  1. This is a beautifully handmade abstract berry wall art.
  2. Formed from clay and fired in a kiln.
  3. Hand painted interior decoration.
  4. The Ceramic artwork is approximately 11.5 inches tall by 5.25 inches wide.
  5. Pre-wired, ready for hanging.
  6. Signed by the artist.

Shipping to the 48 continental United States only.

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Size Chart

Approximately 11.5 inches tall by 5.25 inches wide. Clay forms based on natural forms are decorated with vibrant colors and given the appearance of berries. Clay is molded by hand into the shape of berries, which are then given a one-of-a-kind finish by being painted with natural hues. The finished product is a one-of-a-kind abstract artwork based on berries. Artwork that is abstract, bright, intriguing, dimensional, current, handmade, and extremely distinctive.

Making Of My Berry Wall Art

This is a hand-crafted berry themed abstract wall art made of clay heated to over 2000 degrees. The inspiration for this artwork is natural colors and textures drawn directly from mother nature herself. Nature has so many natural colors and textures to offer us every day. I can find an endless supply of color ideas to work into my art just by looking at nature. Read my full article here: How I make my berry artwork

Earthy Red Berries

I converted every shape and texture from nature into clay to be hand-formed, NOT using a potter's wheel. This is where I part ways with the most conventional pottery artist as I created most of my artwork by hand and not on a wheel. This technique adds an organic flair to each piece, which offers my work a unique look from other conventionally styled clay art and pottery. The application of different coloring materials made me realize I don't have to rely on molds to create my art. So, if you were to ask me to create another artwork exactly like the one I just finished, I could not fulfill your request. Each one of my art pieces is unique. See more of my artwork here: Earthy red berries