Sgraffito Techniques for scratching designs

Sgraffito is a unique art technique that involves scratching designs onto pottery or ceramics. In this guide, I’ll outline the steps and provide tips for each.

Steps and Tips

Step 1: Prepare Materials

  • Gather pottery, clay, underglaze, and Sgraffito tools.
  • Choose contrasting underglaze colors.

Step 2: Apply Base Layer

  • Use clay or slip as a base.
  • Wait until it’s leather-hard for better results.

Step 3: Apply Underglaze

  • Apply chosen underglaze evenly.
  • Consider multiple layers for richer colors.

Step 4: Sketch Your Design

  • Use a pencil or soft brush to sketch your design.

Step 5: Start Scratching

  • Use Sgraffito tools to scratch away underglaze.
  • Experiment with different tools for textures.

Step 6: Refine and Detail

  • Add depth and detail to your design.
  • Be patient, especially with intricate work.

Step 7: Clean Up and Final Touches

  • Clean the surface with a soft brush or sponge.
  • Consider adding accents with additional underglaze colors.

Sgraffito is a rewarding technique to create unique pottery designs. Follow these steps and tips to enhance your skills and produce beautiful, handcrafted art pieces. Practice and experimentation will help you master this art form.

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