Modern Art

  • The Fall of Icarus Painting
    The Fall of Icarus is a story about the hopes and dreams of people. The figure of Icarus from Greek mythology is shown falling into the water in the bottom right-hand corner of the oil painting. Icarus is an example of what happens to arrogant people.
  • Why Do People Create Art?
    People create art as a means of self-expression and inspiration. The beauty of our surroundings is enhanced by art. The production of art can serve as a record of a particular period of time.
  • Why Is Modern Art Absolute Trash?
    When compared to other creative forms, modern art is frequently unintelligible and regarded as garbage. Contemporary art is increasingly challenging to comprehend when more traditional approaches are abandoned. I am sure you agree, right?
  • Why Is Contemporary Art So Bad Compared To Medieval Art?
    Contemporary or Modern Art is bad compared to Medieval Art because of the lack of understanding of Contemporary Art. The Christian church defined Medieval Art. Medieval Art is easy to understand and relates traditions.

Ceramic Art

  • Ceramic Glaze | What Are Ceramic Glazes Made Of
    A ceramic glaze is a covering or coating of a material that has been fired & fused to pottery. A glaze can be thought of as a chemical formula because, after applying a glaze & going through the firing process, it causes a chemical reaction in which the glaze is fused to the pottery & provides a durable surface.
  • How To Get Started With Ceramics
    Where To Get Started With Ceramics 1. High School 2. Colleges 3. Books And Video 4. Online Websites What Do You Need To Start Making Ceramics? Is Ceramics A Cheap Hobby? Learn Something New Today
  • Firing Clay | Money Saving Tip
    Firing clay turns raw clay into ceramic through high-temperature heating. This occurs in a kiln. Clay is fired in two stages: bisque firing and glaze firing. The first fire is a bisque firing, which is slower.
  • How To Wedge Clay The Easy Way
    The clay is folded into layers and pressed back into itself to form a wedge. Clay may be wedged in various different ways. I’ll demonstrate the Rams Head wedging technique, which is the simplest method.