Modern Art

  • The Fall of Icarus Painting
    The Fall of Icarus is a story about the hopes and dreams of people. The figure of Icarus from Greek mythology is shown falling into the water in the bottom right-hand corner of the oil painting. Icarus is an example of what happens to arrogant people.
  • Why Do People Create Art?
    People create art as a means of self-expression and inspiration. The beauty of our surroundings is enhanced by art. The production of art can serve as a record of a particular period of time.
  • Why Is Modern Art Absolute Trash?
    When compared to other creative forms, modern art is frequently unintelligible and regarded as garbage. Contemporary art is increasingly challenging to comprehend when more traditional approaches are abandoned. I am sure you agree, right?
  • Why Is Contemporary Art So Bad Compared To Medieval Art?
    Contemporary or Modern Art is bad compared to Medieval Art because of the lack of understanding of Contemporary Art. The Christian church defined Medieval Art. Medieval Art is easy to understand and relates traditions.

Ceramic Art

  • Uncovering the Significance of Pottery During the Middle Ages
    Pottery in the Middle Ages was primarily used for everyday household items such as plates, bowls, & jars for storing food & liquids. It was also used for decorative items, such as figurines & tiles for churches. Potters often produced a wide range of wares for different social classes, from simple earthenware for the lower … Read more
  • The Splendid Artistry of Ancient Xia Dynasty Pottery
    Xia dynasty pottery (2070-1600 BCE) was known for its simplicity and functionality. It was mostly made from grey or brown clay and was decorated with geometric patterns. The pottery was used for everyday items such as storage jars, bowls, and dishes. Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Xia Dynasty Ceramics Pottery from the Xia dynasty originates … Read more
  • Discovering the Beauty of Stoneware: A Comparison to Ceramic
    Stoneware is a type of ceramic made from a mixture of clay, feldspar, and other minerals. It is fired at a higher temperature than earthenware but lower than porcelain. Earthenware is typically between 900-1000 degrees Celsius. Stoneware is harder, more durable, & more resistant to water & staining. It is often used for making tableware, … Read more
  • Exploring the Creative World of Ceramic Art
    Ceramic art refers to the creation of decorative and functional objects using clay and other ceramic materials that are shaped and then fired in a kiln. This process can include a variety of techniques such as hand-building, wheel-throwing, and glaze application. Ceramic art can take many forms, including sculpture, pottery, and tile. Discovering the Magic … Read more