Artabys Team

Meet The Artabys Team

Our mission is to promote comprehensive education on visible arts, including ceramic artwork, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and pottery design. We want to help you create your own art and learn how to evaluate and appreciate it. At Artabys, we’re also dedicated to supporting talented artists by offering their one-of-a-kind handcrafted or painted artworks for sale, as well as framed prints signed by the artist digitally.

Hello there! I am Ed Shears, a professional ceramic artist and author at, a website dedicated to promoting visual arts education and awareness. I am responsible of all content of this site. My passion lies in creating unique ceramic wall art that breaks away from the traditional pottery made on a potters wheel. Contact:

Meesh Switch is a multi-talented artist, author, webmaster, and product manager at With years of experience in the art world, Meesh is passionate about promoting visual arts education and supporting talented artists. Mentions: Meesh at Interior design ezine. Contact:

Hello, I’m David Jackson, an artist and editor for As a publisher for, The Magazine of Modern Art, Poetry, and Music since 1992, I have extensive experience in the art industry. My latest artwork can be seen at, where I showcase my diverse range of contemporary art. Contact: