Rupert Deese

Rupert Deese was an American ceramic artist. Rupert Deese is known for the innovative design and decoration of high-fired ceramics. Rupert J. Deese was born in Upland, California in 1952. He received his M.F.A. and B.A. degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He was best known for creating functional decorative pottery with … Read more

Dora De Larios (What I Learned From Dora)

Dora De Larios was an American ceramist and sculptor working in Los Angeles. Dora De Larios was known for her work’s clean lines, distinctive glazes, bright public murals, whimsical sculptures, as well as for her line of tableware created under her family-run company, Irving Place Studio. De Larios was best known for her distinctive mythological … Read more

Karita Coffey

Karita Coffey, born in 1947, is a Native American artist who creates ceramic sculptures that reference traditional indigenous objects. Karita Coffey is well-known for producing ceramic replicas and sculptures that reference traditional indigenous artifacts and designs. Karita supports Native artists by teaching ceramics in the state of New Mexico. Karita Coffey’s Facts The Comanche ceramist … Read more

Rose Cabat (What Are Feelies?)

Rose Cabat was an American studio ceramicist who was a part of the mid-century modern movement. She was best known for her innovative glazes on small porcelain pots called ‘feelies’ which were often in the shape of onions and figs, and bowls. Rose Cabat was born in New York City in 1927 and died in … Read more

Sorcha Boru

Sorcha Boru (1900–2006), born in San Francisco, California, was the assumed or studio name of Claire Everett Stewart (Claire Stewart), a potter and ceramic sculptor. Sorcha Boru’s ceramic artwork includes small figurines, vases, planters, and salt and pepper shakers, mostly done in the art déco style. Sorcha is most known for an “Alice in Wonderland” … Read more

Billy Al Bengston

Billy Al Bengston is an American sculptor. Bengston is a well-known artist and sculptor who incorporates mandala geometric shapes and figures into his artwork. Billy Al Bengston is best known for his work that incorporates the radical Californian “Kustom Kar” and motorcycle culture. Billy was born 1934 in Dodge City, Kansas, and divides his time … Read more

Bennett Bean

Bennett Bean (born March 25, 1941) is a ceramic artist from the United States. He is most frequently classified as a studio potter. Some would classify him as a sculptor and painter as well. Bean’s ceramic creations are asymmetrical, non-functional, and flowing in appearance, as is his style. Bean’s influences are Japanese pottery, Native American, … Read more

Ralph Bacerra

Ralph Bacerra (1938-2008) designs quirky pottery with brilliant hues and interwoven geometric motifs on clay surfaces. Ralph Bacerra was a Los Angeles-based artist known as a professional educator who was also one of the first potters to resurrect the highly decorative surface by using enamels and luster glazes in previously unheard-of ways. Ralph’s eye-catching ceramics … Read more

Rudy Autio

Rudy Autio, (1926- 2007)born on October 8, 1926, and died on June 20, 2007, was an American sculptor and ceramicist who was most known for his figurative ceramic containers and sculptures. Rudy’s early pots reflected abstract expressionism, he is best known for his later figurative work which left an indelible mark on art. Autio is … Read more

Noriko Kuresumi

Nikki Noriko Kuresumi is a Japanese artist who lives and works in New York City. She is known for her elegant, sensual ceramic sculptures, which are inspired by the harmony and balance of the ocean. In her work, she is mostly focused on organic shapes that are inspired by the ocean. While her artist statement … Read more