Ceramic Glaze | What Are Ceramic Glazes Made Of

What Are Ceramic Glazes Made Of

A ceramic glaze is a covering or coating of a material that has been fired & fused to pottery. A glaze can be thought of as a chemical formula because, after applying a glaze & going through the firing process, it causes a chemical reaction in which the glaze is fused to the pottery & provides a durable surface.

How To Get Started With Ceramics

How To Get Started With Ceramics

Where To Get Started With Ceramics
1. High School
2. Colleges
3. Books And Video
4. Online Websites
What Do You Need To Start Making Ceramics?
Is Ceramics A Cheap Hobby?
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Firing Clay | Money Saving Tip

Firing Clay

Firing clay turns raw clay into ceramic through high-temperature heating. This occurs in a kiln. Clay is fired in two stages: bisque firing and glaze firing. The first fire is a bisque firing, which is slower.

How To Wedge Clay The Easy Way

The Easy Way To Wedge Clay

The clay is folded into layers and pressed back into itself to form a wedge. Clay may be wedged in various different ways. I’ll demonstrate the Rams Head wedging technique, which is the simplest method.

Is Pottery An Art? (the truth)

Is Pottery a Form of Art?

Think of pottery as a decorative mass-produced functional object. All of the arts that apply design and ornamentation to common and essentially useful objects to make them aesthetically beautiful are referred to as applied arts.

What Is Clay Called After It Is Fired? (what firing really does)

What Is Clay Called After It Is Fired?

After Firing, What Is Clay Called? China Clay or clay is called ceramic, bisqueware, earthenware, stoneware and glazeware after firing. All terms used to describe fired clay particles. Clay is fired twice. Bisque firing is the initial firing. Ball clay is transformed from bone dry clay to bisqueware. After bisque firing, clay objects are changed … Read more