Exploring the Innovative Artistry of 21st Century Ceramics

They have revolutionized the way we perceive this ancient art form, infusing it with contemporary themes and innovative techniques. Famous Ceramic Artists like Edmund de Waal and Zizipho Poswa have elevated ceramics from mere pottery to thought-provoking installations and sculptures. These artists have not only mastered traditional methods but have also embraced modern technology to … Read more

The Story Behind Anna Pottery: From Small Town Roots to National Fame

The Story Behind Anna Pottery: From Small Town Roots to National Fame

It was a famous pottery company established by brothers Cornwall and Wallace Kirkpatrick in Anna, Illinois, in the mid-19th century. They produced unique and creative stoneware pieces, including jugs, pitchers, and bottles, that often featured intricate designs and political satire. Anna Pottery was renowned for its innovative techniques and materials. The Quirky, Creative and Intriguing … Read more

The Timeless Artistry of Robert Turner

Robert is a ceramics studio founded in the early 1970s in California by Robert Turner, who was inspired by traditional Asian pottery techniques. Turner’s signature style features simple & elegant forms with subtle glaze variations, often using earth tones. His pottery is highly regarded by collectors and is known for its quality craftsmanship. The Beauty … Read more

Lucie Rie

Lucie Rie (1902-1995) was an Austrian-born British studio potter known for her elegant and innovative ceramic works. Rie worked in a range of forms and techniques, often incorporating modernist aesthetics & bright colors into her pieces. Her work has been exhibited in museums & galleries around the world, and she is considered a major figure … Read more

Shoji Hamada

He was a Japanese ceramic artist known for traditional pottery techniques, including the use of local clay, glazes, & wood-fired kilns. He helped to revive interest in traditional Japanese ceramics & was influential in the development of the studio pottery movement in the West. Hamada’s work is characterized by its simplicity, beauty, & functionality. Exploring … Read more

Kathy Triplett Ceramics: Crafting Beauty from Clay

Kathy Triplett Ceramics is a renowned brand that offers handbuilt ceramics, including dinnerware, vases, and bowls. Made from materials like porcelain and stoneware, each piece is handcrafted with attention to detail and creative variety. From traditional colors to modern prints, the brand offers a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. The Artistry … Read more

Beatrice Wood

Beatrice Wood, a beat-fired ceramicist, was an American artist and studio potter who lived from 1893 to 1998. She was a painter, printmaker, and writer, as well as a ceramicist. She has been referred to as the “Mama of Dada” and was a pivotal role in the American studio pottery movement. Famous sculptures: “Lustreware”, “Angelus … Read more

Betty Woodman

Betty Woodman (1930-2018) was a ceramic artist best known for her large-scale, colorful, and abstract ceramic sculptures and wall reliefs. Her work frequently combined architectural, painting, and craft aspects. She was a significant character in modern ceramic art, and her influence can be seen in the work of many contemporary artists. The Brilliant Artistry of … Read more

Peter Voulkos

Peter Voulkos was an abstract expressionist ceramic artist and sculptor from the United States. He is renowned with redefining the ceramic medium and opening the door for modern ceramists. He was a key figure in the 1950s and 1960s American craft movement. Year Peter Voulkos Event/Achievement 1924 Peter Voulkos is born on January 29 in … Read more