How to Make and Use Paper Clay

Making and using paper clay is a rewarding process that combines the traditional medium of clay with the unique properties of paper pulp, resulting in a material that’s both strong and versatile. How To Make Paper Clay – Newspaper Or Shredded Paper – Craft Basics Turn Your Scrap Paper Into Clay How To Make Diy … Read more

Digital Marketing for Ceramics

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Ancient Pottery Techniques

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Cultural Pottery Styles

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Korean Pottery Techniques

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Kosiv and Other Ukrainian Ceramic Art Techniques

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How To Glaze Transfer Designs

Transfer the design by spritzing the surface of the clay with water. The moisture allows the newsprint to adhere. Next, lay the newsprint, glaze side down, on the clay. Use a sponge, lightly pressing the newsprint onto the clay surface. Instructions to transfer a butterfly design (or any design) onto pottery! Steps 1. Preparation 2. … Read more

Anagama Pottery Firing Technique

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Japanese Pottery Firing Techniques

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