Why Is Modern Art Absolute Trash?

Why Is Modern Art Considered To Be Utter Garbage? Modern Art is often difficult to understand and considered trash when compared to other styles of art. Because of the departure of conventional styles, Contemporary Art becomes more difficult to understand. It is challenging to interpret what the artist envisioned when looking at abstract objects or … Read more

Why Is Contemporary Art So Bad Compared To Medieval Art?

Why Is Modern Art So Poor In Comparison To Medieval Art? Contemporary or Modern Art is bad compared to Medieval Art because of the lack of understanding of Contemporary Art. The Christian church defined Medieval Art. Medieval Art is easy to understand and relates to long-held beliefs and traditions. Contemporary Art is much more than … Read more

Why Is Modern Art Very Difficult To Understand?

Why Is It So Difficult To Understand Modern Art? Modern Art is difficult to understand because it involves two elements of “seeing” Modern Art. Modern Art elements are visual and verbal. All art involves your mind attempting to translate the “visual” to the “verbal”. With Modern Art, the task becomes more daunting because of the … Read more

Are Many Modern Artists Lazy Or Lacking Talent?

Is It True That Many Modern Artists Are Lazy Or Untalented? Modern artists are often labeled as being lazy or lacking talent. And to the untrained eye, Modern artists often look like they are lazy or untrained. But Modern artists are far from being lazy and lacking in talent. They can see things in an … Read more

Why Does Modern Art Tend To Look So Abstract?

Why Does Modern Art Have Such An Abstract Appearance? Modern Art has an abstract appearance because the artist uses imagination, materials, and techniques to reflect their vision in ways rejected from previous traditions. Modern Art looking abstract creates value because it is complex to replicate, unique in appearance and appeal. Modern Art is the artwork … Read more

The Evolution Of Art And How It Shaped The Modern World

A concise overview of art’s evolution and its influence across history, across the globe, on societies and civilizations. Modern Art Evolution Modern art has evolved and is associated with plenty of associations and embedded in industries across the world. And what comes to your mind as its definition of art will vary based on your … Read more

Characteristics Of Modern Art | What You Do Not Understand

What you do not understand: Modern art has no characteristics and that is why so many do not understand what it is. Modern art is a moving target. So many of us don’t understand the characteristics completely and it stands to reason why is because modern art is forever in motion. So what really is … Read more