Handmade Ceramic Fish Wall Art

Handmade Ceramic Fish Figurines Wall Decoration Check out Artabys.com ceramic fish wall decor selection for the very best in unique and custom, handmade clay artwork from the wall decor shop. As new innovations are born artists and their work distinguished themselves from every era and generation to generation. Great artists are distinguished by their unique … Read more

Bisqueware Ceramics Definition | The Chemistry Lurking Behind

Definition of Bisqueware Ceramics Unfinished clay or pottery is called Bisqueware. Bisqueware is clay that has been fired in a kiln for the first time. “Biscuit” or “bisc” is what potters commonly refer to as Bisqueware ceramic. Bisqueware is not in its final state. It needs to be fired again before it’s in its ultimate … Read more

Greenware Ceramics Definition

Definition Of Greenware Ceramics Greenware is clay that has been given shape but not yet fired in a kiln. Greenware is the stage where it contains water and is shaped and molded into its ultimate form. It’s still malleable clay. Once fired, clay is no longer Greenware. Greenware clay is highly fragile and weak since … Read more

How To Hang Ceramic Art On Wall

How to hang ceramic art on your wall like a professional designer. Hanging clay wall artwork can be overwhelming due to weight or because it’s oddly shaped. In this post I’ll discuss my techniques to help you improve you home decor style. Please not I am not talking about ceramic title. Hanging or mounting ceramic … Read more

Unfired Clay

What Is Unfired Clay? Unfired clay is called Greenware. Unfired clay contains a lot of moisture. It actually contains water in a sufficient amount so that the unfired clay is soft and malleable. It’s at this stage that the unfired clay can easily be formed into different shapes. The clay bodies are in a plastic … Read more

What Is A Kiln Used For?

What Is The Purpose Of A Kiln? An electric kiln is a heating chamber used to process materials at high temperatures. Kilns are insulated chambers that reach high temperatures using either fuel or electricity. A kiln uses a process invented thousands of years ago to harden ceramic bodies. In ceramics, modern kilns are used to … Read more