Can Porcelain Be Microwaved

Is Ceramic Microwave Safe? Porcelain plates with no metallic decorations and have the microwave safe symbol are perfectly safe to put into the microwave. Porcelain plates having paint conducting decorations and lead glazes are damaged by being microwaved. Microwaving porcelain plates with metallic decorations of any kind should be avoided. The paint used for decorations … Read more

Roman Antique Ceramic Vases | The Amazing Unearthing Of Lekythos

When we talk about antique ceramic vases some of the best examples of ceramics come from ancient Greece. As you may have guessed, I am interested in Greek Roman antique ceramic vases and any archaeological surveys that have to do with discovering how Roman ceramics were made and used in ancient times. As an artist … Read more

Fish Decor For Bathroom

Fish decor for bathrooms that is original. Finding the perfect fish decor for bathrooms can be challenging. Most fish decor for bathrooms is heavy in blue and aqua colors. Sometimes a more colorful fish decor scheme works better. I like bathroom art and decor that is original and not limited to two or three colors. … Read more

Berry Abstract Art

Choose your favorite handmade original ceramic wall hanging berry art from my handmade berry art collection. Abstract Art with Berries Berry Abstract Art work by artist Ed Shears. Berries are painted using dynamic colors on interesting clay shapes based on nature. Berries are hand formed into clay and then painted natural colors for a unique … Read more

Examples Of Ceramics | Ceramics More Than Art

Ceramics Examples Clay, bricks, tiles, glass, and cement are probably the best-known examples of ceramics. Ceramics are made from clay heated to a high temperature. Examples of ceramics are Earthenware and Porcelain. Ceramic examples exist in many other applications. I often asked this question what are examples of ceramics and is ceramics considered pottery. The … Read more

Handmade Ceramic Fish Wall Art

Handmade Ceramic Fish Figurines Wall Decoration Check out my ceramic fish wall decor selection for the very best in unique and custom, handmade clay artwork from my wall decor shop. As new innovations are born artists and their work distinguished themselves from every era and generation to generation. Great artists are distinguished by their unique … Read more

Why Is Originality Important In Art

Originality in art is important and asking why it’s important is a great question that has many good answers. It can be debated to this day as to what is the absolute correct answer. Why is originality important in art? Most art galleries refuse to sell replicas, and many sponsors of art fairs and festivals … Read more

Bisqueware Ceramics Definition | The Chemistry Lurking Behind

Definition of Bisqueware Ceramics Unfinished clay or pottery is called Bisqueware. Bisqueware is clay that has been fired in a kiln for the first time. “Biscuit” or “bisc” is what potters commonly refer to as Bisqueware ceramic. Bisqueware is not in its final state. It needs to be fired again before it’s in its ultimate … Read more

Greenware Ceramics Definition

Definition Of Greenware Ceramics Greenware is clay that has been given shape but not yet fired in a kiln. Greenware is the stage where it contains water and is shaped and molded into its ultimate form. It’s still malleable clay. Once fired, clay is no longer Greenware. Greenware clay is highly fragile and weak since … Read more