Basic Pottery Supplies Needed

First and foremost, you’ll need clay, the raw material for your creations. A pottery wheel is essential for throwing, while hand-building techniques require simple tools like a needle tool and a rib. A kiln is crucial for firing your pieces, transforming them from soft clay to hardened ceramics. Glazes and underglazes add color and finish, … Read more

First Steps in Pottery

Start with the right type of clay. The next crucial step is learning to knead the clay to remove air bubbles, followed by shaping it using techniques like coiling, pinching, or using a potter’s wheel. Glazing comes next, where you choose the right type of glaze to give your pottery color and finish. The final … Read more

When to Use Each Term: Pottery versus Ceramics

It’s crucial to understand when to appropriately use the terms “pottery” and “ceramics.” Here’s my detailed guide: Context Appropriate Term Functional items Pottery Handmade quality Pottery Clay as primary material Pottery Traditional techniques Pottery Broad range of materials Ceramics Artistic and industrial use Ceramics High-temperature firing Ceramics Modern applications Ceramics Composite materials Ceramics Pottery When … Read more

Common Misconceptions Between Pottery and Ceramics

It’s clear that there are several misconceptions about the terms “pottery” and “ceramics.” Here are some key points to clarify these misconceptions: Misconception Reality Pottery and Ceramics are the same Pottery is a subset of ceramics All Ceramics are made from clay Ceramics can be made from various materials Pottery is always handmade Ceramics can … Read more

Types of Kilns

The most common types are electric, gas, and wood-fired kilns. Electric kilns are popular for their ease of use and precise temperature control. Gas kilns, often fueled by propane or natural gas, offer a broader range of atmospheric effects but require more expertise. Wood-fired kilns provide unique textures and colors due to ash deposits and … Read more

Understanding Glaze Terms

Glaze Categories I wish someone would have broken it down like this for me when I first started out working with clay. Glaze Category Glaze Descriptions Raw Glazes Made from raw materials and require thorough mixing. Fritted Glazes Made from frits, which are pre-melted glazes. Easier to use but can be expensive. Commercial Glazes Pre-made … Read more

Key Terms Every Potter Should Know

You can easily navigate and find information related to their specific interests, whether you are looking for techniques, styles, historical information, or care tips. My approach makes your pottery look-up more friendly and informative. Pottery Techniques Hand-Building: Wheel-Throwing: Coiling: Slipcasting: Glazing: Firing: Types of Pottery Pottery Styles Historical Periods Glazing and Firing Glaze Types: Kiln … Read more

The Artistic and Practical Debate: Decorative vs. Functional Pottery

While functional pottery serves practical purposes, decorative pottery emphasizes artistic beauty, often blurring the line between art and utility. History The history of decorative pottery is a fascinating journey that spans millennia and reflects the creativity and artistic expression of various cultures. It began as a means to create aesthetically pleasing objects, distinct from utilitarian … Read more

A Tale of Two Techniques: Handbuilding vs. Wheel-Throwing Pottery

Handbuilt pottery is crafted manually, shaping clay by hand, while wheel-thrown involves a potter’s wheel for precision and symmetry. History The history of handbuilt pottery is a fascinating journey that spans across civilizations and epochs, showcasing the enduring appeal and versatility of this art form. It begins in the mists of time when early humans … Read more