American Art Pottery Identification & Values

“American Art Pottery Identification & Values” by Dick Sigafoose is a comprehensive guide that explores the history, aesthetics, and identification of American art pottery, while providing accurate values for various pieces.

“American art pottery is a treasure trove of creativity and history, waiting to be discovered and appreciated by those who seek to understand its true value.”

Ed Shears

Key Ideas or Arguments Presented

The book covers various topics related to American art pottery, including:

  • The history and development of American art pottery
  • The unique characteristics and styles of different pottery manufacturers
  • Identification techniques for pottery pieces
  • Accurate valuation of American art pottery

Chapter Titles and Summary of Each Chapter

  1. Introduction to American Art Pottery: This chapter provides an overview of the history and development of American art pottery.
  2. Pottery Manufacturers: This chapter discusses the different pottery manufacturers, their styles, and their contributions to the field.
  3. Identification Techniques: This chapter offers insights and tips on how to identify and authenticate pottery pieces.
  4. Valuation: This chapter provides accurate and up-to-date values for various pottery pieces.

Points from the Book

  • American art pottery is a unique and valuable form of art with a rich history.
  • Different pottery manufacturers have their own styles and characteristics that make their pieces unique and valuable.
  • Proper identification and authentication are essential for collectors and enthusiasts to ensure the value of their pottery pieces.
  • Accurate valuation is crucial for buying, selling, and appraising American art pottery.

Key Takeaways or Conclusions

The book emphasizes the importance of understanding the history, styles, and characteristics of American art pottery, as well as the need for accurate identification and valuation.

Author’s Background and Qualifications

Dick Sigafoose is an experienced collector and expert in American art pottery, with a vast knowledge of pottery manufacturers, identification techniques, and valuation.

Comparison to Other Books on the Same Subject

While there are other books available on American art pottery, Dick Sigafoose’s book stands out for its comprehensive coverage of various pottery manufacturers, as well as its focus on identification techniques and accurate valuation.

Target Audience or Intended Readership

This book is intended for collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in learning more about American art pottery, its history, and its value.

Reception or Critical Response to the Book

“American Art Pottery Identification & Values” has received positive reviews for its in-depth information, practical advice, and accurate valuation data.

Data Support

The data used in the book is based on the author’s extensive knowledge and research, as well as his experience as a collector and expert in the field, which supports the book’s thesis statement.

Has the Book Met Its Purpose

Yes, the book successfully provides a comprehensive guide to American art pottery, with a focus on history, identification techniques, and accurate valuation.


The book’s biggest takeaway is the importance of understanding the rich history, unique styles, and characteristics of American art pottery, as well as the necessity of accurate identification and valuation.

My thoughts are “American Art Pottery Identification & Values” by Dick Sigafoose is an engaging and comprehensive guide for both advanced and beginning collectors, diving into the captivating world of American art pottery. From the Arts and Crafts movement to Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, this book covers a vast array of pottery manufacturers such as Rookwood, Stangl Pottery, and California Art Tile, including their signature styles, factory marks, and exquisite pieces.

Discover the fascinating history of American art pottery, with detailed information on the distinctive drip glazes, matte green glaze, and shiny glaze techniques, as well as insights into the companies’ logos and the clay color used. The book also explores the contributions of influential figures in the pottery world, like William Henry Grueby, Maria Longworth Nichols Storer, and Artus Van Briggle.

I found Sigafoose’s in-depth knowledge of the subject is evident in the detailed pricing guide, which includes factory catalog pages and a vast range of values, from hundred-dollar items to large vases and Grueby pieces worth tens of thousands of dollars. This invaluable resource helps collectors understand the true value of their pottery, thanks to the detailed information on potter’s marks and the different marks found on various pieces.

Delve into the rich history and stunning craftsmanship of American art pottery through the collection of the Everson Museum of Art, Erie Art Museum, Cincinnati Art Museum, and Cincinnati Art Galleries, showcasing the vibrant legacy of this art form. With the expertise of authors like Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Jane Hanson, and Ann Gilbert, “American Art Pottery Identification & Values” is an essential addition to any pottery enthusiast’s library, offering a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.


In “American Art Pottery Identification & Values,” author Dick Sigafoose explores the captivating world of American art pottery, showcasing distinctive pieces made from Native Clay and renowned manufacturers like Marblehead Pottery and Rookwood Pottery Company. This comprehensive guide, with detailed porcelain marks and catalog reprints, offers insights into the works of Currier and Ives, as well as an extensive Collector’s Encyclopedia that covers dinnerware patterns such as Russel Wright Dinnerware.

Grueby vases, with their stunning design and craftsmanship, are among the many American pieces featured, helping collectors identify a piece’s origin using the round red stamp or the round stamp. Schiffer Publishing and Schiffer Books offer an impressive range of resources on American pottery, covering Periods & Styles and various manufacturers like Hall China, Pickard China, and Royal China.

The book highlights the influence of the Jewel Tea Company and American Encaustic Tile, as well as lesser-known but equally fascinating companies like Vallona Starr Ceramics and Paul Revere Pottery. The Compare & Value section provides a wealth of information on the artistic contributions of Native Americans and the production of decorative items, including eye-catching cookie jars.

Lois Lehner’s Southern Women series and Autumn Leaf dinnerware, with its pastel colors, are among the many delightful pottery items discussed. Vernon Kilns, Brush McCoy, and other prominent manufacturers are also featured in this Illustrated History, which offers a Pictorial Story of Arkansas History and a guide to Replacements Ltd for collectors seeking specific makers, such as deLee Art or Miller’s Treasure.

Holt-Howard Collectibles and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum are other essential resources for pottery enthusiasts, alongside the unique offerings of Arequipa Pottery. In summary, “American Art Pottery Identification & Values” by Dick Sigafoose is a must-read for anyone interested in the rich history and artistry of American pottery, serving as both a treasure trove of information and an invaluable Reference & Value Guide.


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