Art Jumble

Unscramble 5 art-related terms or names:

Game Objective

Your mission is to unscramble art-related terms and or famous artist’s names

How The Game Works

You must unscramble all 5 terms and or famous artist’s names

When the page loads, a random word is selected and scrambled or maybe not – you decide

You must unscramble the word and type your answer in the text box

Pressing the “Check” button will check if your answer is correct

Pressing the “Next” button will move to the next scrambled word

After you get all five terms correct a congratulatory message is displayed and you can reset the game

Art IQ Ratings

Correct AnswersArt IQDescription
5PicassoA true art maestro! You’re the Picasso of art trivia.
4Van GoghAlmost there! You’re just an ear away from perfection.
3Bob RossNot too shabby! You make happy little accidents.
2Paint-by-Numbers EnthusiastYou’re getting the hang of it, one number at a time.
1Graffiti ArtistYou’ve got potential, but maybe stick to street art for now.
0Stick Figure SpecialistWell, at least you can draw a line…or two.
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