M. C. Richards Ceramics

At Black Mountain College, M. C. Richards was one of the most popular teachers with the students. She grouped her courses under the general heading of “Reading and Writing” while including important elements such as literary criticism.

Daniel Rhodes Ceramics

Daniel Rhodes uses a technique of applying applications of slips to achieve what Rhodes calls “fortuitous forms” of clay. Rhodes is well-known as an author among studio potters and ceramic sculptors for his expertise in ceramics processes.

Frederick Hurten Rhead

What I find most interesting is Rhead created and developed a Fiesta plate collection in the 1930s, which became very popular at the time. It was designed in the Art Deco style around a spherical concept.

Don Reitz

Don Reitz is credited with sparking a resurgence in the United States of salt-glazed pottery. Sara Period is the name given to a series of ceramic pieces that were created by Don, known as the healing series.

Elsa Rady

Rady’s work reveals she was heavily influenced by Chinese ceramics from the Song Dynasty (simple shape and form), which I discovered after a closer look at her work. Rady’s ceramic artwork is a modern minimalist ceramic vessel.

Mark Pharis

Mark Pharis is an emeritus professor and former chair of the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. He works in an earthenware workshop with Wayne Branum in Roberts, Wisconsin. He has been on the boards of directors of the Archie Bray Foundation, the Northern Clay Center, and other organizations. Mark is known for … Read more

Winnie Owens-Hart

Winnie Owens-Hart (born 1949) is an American ceramist and sculptor. Owens-Hart received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, followed by a Master of Fine Arts degree from Howard University. Currently, Owens-Hart teaches at Howard University. Winnie is known for using clay to touch on women’s issues, both … Read more

George Edgar Ohr

George Edgar Ohr (July 12, 1857 – April 7, 1918) was an American ceramic artist and the self-proclaimed “Mad Potter of Biloxi” in Mississippi. George Edgar Ohr was an American ceramic artist and the self-proclaimed “Mad Potter of Biloxi” in Mississippi. In recognition of his innovative experimentation with modern clay forms, we consider him the … Read more