Flower Wall Art

Handmade floral wall art. Because it is made of ceramic, it has the brightest colors that will never fade. Flowers in a warm Spring time setting will lift your spirits and make you smile. Bring in the outdoors with Sunshine and Flowers.

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Flower Wall Decor Size And Description

Sunshine and Flowers “farmhouse style” wall art: Is beautifully handmade from ceramic. The floral wall art is approximately 10.5 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide. Ready for hanging and signed by the artist.

Hanging Flower Wall Decor Description

The top (Face) of the artwork is hand painted. This is not a porcelain item. Artwork is formed by hand no molds are used. This is not a reproduction. Sunshine and Flowers is an original ceramic artwork; no more exits. This is a one of a kind ceramic garden botanical wall art. This item is not intended for outdoor use.

Floral Wall Art Sets Sunshine & Flowers Artist Statement

Sunshine & Flowers is one of the newest and latest floral home (or home office, casual dining room, kitchen or living room) wall decorations.

When looking at Sunshine & Flowers floral art your eyes are immediately drawn to the top left of the sculpture. The bright yellow Sun commands your attention. In nature all that is alive is derived from the Sun. Follow the Sun’s pink accent rays of light your eyes are now are focused on the greens of nature. Blending natural hues of greens suggest a strong Earthly connection while the accents of pink sparks an intense interest.

Buy Wall Art “Nature Collection”

Sunshine & Flowers Flower Art is one piece of a ceramic set, “Colorful Flowers” and “Blue Flowers”. All ceramic artworks form the nature collection home decor.

“Sunshine & Flowers botanical wall art brings nature to life by the blending of colors. The artwork is an expression of life, hope and eternal happiness. All of Nature’s beauty is captured forever in ceramic form.”

Made by Artists

An artist designs and creates artwork.

You find artwork. Like one of a kind ceramic fish!

Artwork is carefully packaged and shipped to you, FREE!

You get awesome artwork. You are now one happy buyer!


Mary L United States

I love my ceramic fish wall art! People tell me all the time they never seen anything like it.

Amy W United States

The quality and colors are amazing. I am delighted to have original unique art hanging in my kitchen! I will order again.

Brandon H United States

Good shipping. Arrived by UPS looking just as I hoped it would. I am a bird lover so this is great. I love the colors!!!

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