Handmade Ceramic Fish Wall Art

Handmade Ceramic Fish Figurines Wall Decoration

Check out Artabys.com ceramic fish wall decor selection for the very best in unique and custom, handmade clay artwork from the wall decor shop.

As new innovations are born artists and their work distinguished themselves from every era and generation to generation. Great artists are distinguished by their unique ability to take his or her moment in time and distill its essence so that their resulting artwork therefore becomes timeless.

As you can see by the artwork at Artabys.com it’s very a colorful ceramic fish wall hanging. Most all artwork at Artabys.com use vibrant colors that look great together. That scheme is called the analogous color scheme.

This scheme also works well on vintage ceramic fish wall decor and even retro ceramic fish wall decor. The scheme basically takes the color directly across your current color on the color wheel.

So, for example on the color wheel if I am choosing the color red, its analogous color is green. Red and green looks very good together and make for perfect ceramic tropical fish wall decor, right?

Green is the color on the color wheel directly across from red.

My Top Picks For Handmade Fish Wall Decorations

My Top Picks For Handmade Fish Wall Decorations

Shop Ceramic Fish at Artabys now. If your ceramic fish purchase does not meet your 100% satisfaction, you may return it within one month (30 days) of purchase. That’s my guaranty to you. I only use insured shipping methods and professional packing procedures. If there is any damage during shipping to your ceramic fish, you will either receive a full refund or a replacement fish. My fish are unique and handmade. My fish is art and are not mass produced. There is no way I can create an exact duplicate. You are getting a fish NO ONE else will have. You are guaranteed to have a unique one of a kind, “one-of-one” ceramic fish wall decor.

Fish Wall Art Hanging Ideas

Fish Wall Art Hanging Ideas
Fish wall decor

The creation of fish wall hangings is considered art. The one best tips I can give when purchasing ceramic fish art is that one fish looks good but when you arrange fish in a small school, more than one, preferably three, it looks so much better. This of course is going to depend on how much wall space you have. The ceramic fish I create are perfect to hang on the wall and it’s really simple to do because each one of my fish have mounting point on the back. All that is needed to mount on the wall is a simple ordinary picture hook.

These are the top ceramic fish wall decorations from Artabys.com. Just think of all the possibilities of color combinations that could be used as accent colors pulling from the ceramic wall decor below.

Choose any ceramic fish from the Artabys.com store and pull colors from the artwork for accents like towels and throw rugs to get started. These are my hand picked fish wall decor ideas, ceramic fish figurines and fish themed wall hangings that will look awesome in any home.

Rainbow Trout ceramic wall artwork
Rainbow Trout ceramic wall artwork

Rainbow Trout Green and Blue simple clay fish with a color separation for a lateral line.

Sunfish design wall art
Sunfish design wall art

Sunfish design with bold Black, Yellow and Green color combinations look great on any wall. Camouflage patterns are exploited with interesting color combinations make for a great wall decoration.

Camouflage Sunfish bold patterns for wall art
Orange Camouflage Sunfish bold patterns for wall art

Another sunfish wall decor design. Notice there is no Pelvic fin on the bottom. Camouflage patterns are exploited with interesting color decor combinations.

Stripe bass wall art design
Stripe bass wall art design

Striped bass nautical design. Use of bold Black and White stripes with Red accent colors make this one pop.

Bold Sunfish design wall sculpture
Bold Sunfish design wall sculpture

Bold sunfish design. Bold colors in a camouflage pattern make for a great fish theme.

Small mouth Bass ceramic wall design
Small mouth Bass ceramic wall design

Fish Wall Art Decorating Ideas

If the room you are planning to decorate is in a neutral color then you are in luck and things just got easy. You can have some fun with colors. I think originality is very important in art. Also I think originality is also key in having nice decor.

So, if your walls have a neutral color simply find a primary color from the clay fish decor and use that color for your accent color. For example, you could use Light Blue, Red or Yellow if using art created in any of the above mentioned colors.

You could even use Black. You would accessorize with Light Blue towels for example, and a throw rug if decorating the bathroom. Or Light Blue pillows if decorating a casual room. By doing so you are pulling out colors in the artwork. You have now added an interesting look. If you are interested in what colors are trending you might like to read my article on key colors for the future.

Group Similar Ceramic Fish Designs Together

Similar ceramic fish designs grouped together on the wall
Similar ceramic fish designs grouped together on the wall

Its a great idea to group like designs together to get a bigger visual impact. By taking a few ceramic fish and grouping them together on the bathroom wall for example you get a very nice original artwork decoration. You can take this concept and apply it anywhere, does not have to be just in the bathroom. Most any room can be used provide the wall space is available. This is just one way to use ceramics and pottery to elevate your decor.

Size Of The Fish Matters For Hanging Wall Art

Size of fish to hang on the wall are approximately 12 inches by 6 inches
Size of fish to hang on the wall are approximately 12 inches by 6 inches

Just ask any fisherman and they will tell you size is everything. Well in the case of fish wall art you want to know the size of each fish to get an idea of how much space you will need on your wall. Each fish is approximately 12 inches long and about 6 to 7 inches wide. As you can see by the photograph I am holding two colorful sunfish in my hands. This will give you an idea of how large they are. I think handmade ceramic art is wonderful. It’s unique and someone took some time and thought into the creation of the artwork.

These ceramic pieces can easily be hung on the wall for more you can read my article on how to hang ceramic decor. In my opinion the artwork needs to be a size that will fit into most spaces on the wall. So it should not be too big. I am not making artwork for a large office space or large wall in a restaurant for example. So the sizes of my art are tailored for interior design of homes. Plus the biggest limiting factor is my kiln size. I simply do not have space in the kiln for large fish.

Fish Talk And Types Of Fish Art

Ceramic Koi Fish

This is very popular fish and in my simple terminology is what I call “garden carp”. No offense to anyone this is just what pops into my head when I think of a Koi fish. Below are more information on other great fish to model after in addition to the Koi fish.

Small Ceramic Fish

Many small ceramic fish are made using models of real fish. Mainly aquarium fish like many of the one I mentioned above.

Ceramic Fish Figurines

I would like to start off by defining exactly what is a figurine? So let’s take a deeper dive into the facts. A figurine is basically a diminutive form of the full sized version, right? A smaller sized of the figure or statuette. It’s a small statue representing a human, deity or animal, or a pair or a small group of them, in practice.

Did you know that figurines were made in many media. With the most significant of course being clay, metal, wood, glass and today plastic or resin. In historical contexts, ceramic figurines not produced from porcelain are called terracotta. This is an important distinction to note.

In the context I am writing about I am not talking about the following: Figures with movable parts that allow limbs to be placed are more likely to be called dolls, mannequins, or action figures; or robots or automatons, if they can move on their own. Figures and miniatures are sometimes used in board games, such as chess and tabletop games.

So you should know that neolithic figurines exist in China. And European prehistoric figurines of women, some of whom appear to be pregnant, are called “Venus figurines” because of their presumed connection to fertility. One amazing fact is the two oldest known examples are made of stone, found in Africa and Asia, and are several hundred thousand years old.

Many made of fired clay have been found in Europe since 25-30,000 BC, and are the oldest known ceramics. Well it just goes to show you that many things get destroyed and or wear out over time but ceramics have a good live of at least several hundred thousand years! So please remember that when purchasing my art, right!

Olmec figurines in semi-precious stones and pottery had a large influence all over Mesoamerica about 1000-500 BC, and were apparently usually kept in houses. By the nature of these you really could not do much with them other than look at them because of the material they were made of. The porous stone would not hold water very well. So naturally the stone could freely used for figurines.

It’s important to note these early figures are among the first signs of human civilization. In some instances, one can not know how they were used. But I am betting they were probably of religious or ceremonial significance and could have been used in many types of rituals. Many of them are found in burials. Some may have been worn as jewelry or intended to entertain children.

I will says that Porcelain and other ceramics are common figurine materials. Ancient Greek terracotta figurines are made in molds. This is something I do not do. I do not use molds on any of my artwork. And there were a major industry of the Hellenistic period where bronze figurines were also very common.

Bronze came to predominate in Roman art. And I do not make anything in Bronze on clay. And I suspect most of them were religious, deposited in large numbers in temples as votives, or kept at home and sometimes buried with their owners. No on the other hand types like Tanagra figurines, however, included many purely decorative subjects, such as fashionable ladies. There are many early examples from China, mainly religious figures in Dehua porcelain, which led experiments in Europe to replicate the process. And back then as you can imagine most if not all were plain white in color.

So when the European factories started manufacturing of porcelain they soon started to add brightly colored paint in what’s called over-glazed enamels. This more closely resembles my style with the use of brightly colored paints. But an important distinction is to be made as artwork are all painted with food safe colors and not enamels. Another important distinction is that what I am talking about here is really Meissen porcelain so it no where near to compare what I am making. It much much finer and is made of entirely different clay.

It’s very common back then to have figurines in the center of the table. They were used to decorate tables on special occasions mainly by the European elites. However, as one would expect it would soon be adopted by non elites and found on fireplace mantels and side tables. Around 1750 pottery figures were produced in large numbers throughout Europe. Staffordshire figures were cheaper versions of earthenware and, at the end of the 19th century, particularly for Staffordshire dog figurines.

Fast forward to today and you will fins many modern figurines made sadly of plastic. Let’s see if they will last several thousands of years, right? Remember the bobbleheads? A figure with an oversized head that was attached to the body by a spring and the head would nod back and forth when moved. On a more serious side other memorabilia like Hummel Figures where also popular and still are.

Ceramic Fish For Garden | Garden Fish Sculptures

I see many garden fish made of ceramic. These are made so that they are attached to a metal rod or the ceramic fish easily slips over the end of the rod. The ceramic fish is mounted to (or slips over the end of) a metal rod in which the fish stands in the garden. The fish is approximately two feet high or so give or take. This gives the illusion of the fish swimming through the garden.

The fish come in a set of three, and Tyson purposely forms them to give the impression of fluid movement. It’s an effect that works; at first glance, you might assume the fish are actually swimming in the water. Tyson makes fish from high-fired stone clay, and they are tied to the ground with a steel rod. This long-lasting formula ensures the fish will live all year round in the yard and add a touch of playful charm to green spaces even in winter.

Ceramic Fish Tank Decor For Aquariums

Now this is something interesting. Ceramic is perfect for an aquarium. It’s water proof and will last for thousands of years if cared for. Plus the paints I use are food safe so they would not harm the fish. My initial though would be to create a colorful house in which the fish could enter or perhaps swim through. This is not really art.

Ceramic Fish Slay The Spire | Ceramic Fish STS

Slay the Spire is a popular video game. And apparently there are folks out there looking to purchase a ceramic version of the popular relic as it is revered to bring great fortune. In the game the fish is meticulously painted and looks like a real fish relic.

Good luck to those who play the game! Here is the official trailer for the game on YouTube in case you are interested to know more and see it in action.

More About Plastic Fish Figurines | Fish Figurines Toys

There are many videos on the topic of creating plastic fish figurines and figurines in general. There are many uses for plastic figurines for example, like for use in an aquarium tank and or for toys. Most if not all of these techniques involve the use of molds and plastic resin. The mold is either purchased or created and then prepped for the plastic resin. The resin is then poured into the mold and it is allowed time to cure. The end result is a plastic figurine in the shape of your mold. After the figurine has been created the last step usually involves cleaning it up and removing any mold marks and unwanted seams. This is called removing the “flashing” from the figurine.

Here is a great video on clean up on YouTube. This tutorial explains how to clean the silicone mold from your resin casting. After the cast resin comes out of the silicone mold, there’s always a little clean up to get it ready for painting. The video shows how to remove and clean the pouring beam, the air vents, and the flashing or the seams using a variety of hand tools. And then, finally, a demo on how to make a final sanding and painting preparation. Some power tools that help speed up this process are also included.

FAQ for Handmade Ceramic Fish Wall Art

Q: What are handmade ceramic fish wall art?
A: Handmade ceramic fish wall art are decorative pieces of pottery that are shaped and painted like fish and can be hung on interior walls. For example, bathrooms are great!

Q: How can I buy handmade ceramic fish wall art?
A: You can buy handmade ceramic fish wall art from online platforms like Etsy, Artabys or Tadeai, where you can find a variety of designs, colors and sizes from different artists.

Q: How can I care for my handmade ceramic fish wall art?
A: You can care for your handmade ceramic fish wall art by dusting them regularly with a soft cloth and avoiding direct sunlight or moisture that could damage the glaze or paint. That’s all, it’s really simple.

Q: What are some benefits of having handmade ceramic fish wall art in my home?
A: Some benefits of having handmade ceramic fish wall art in your home are that they can add a touch of color, personality and charm to your space, create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, and show your appreciation for nature and art.

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