Fish Decor For Bathroom

Fish decor for bathrooms that is original. Finding the perfect fish decor for bathrooms can be challenging. Most fish decor for bathrooms is heavy in blue and aqua colors. Sometimes a more colorful fish decor scheme works better. I like bathroom art and decor that is original and not limited to two or three colors. Versatility is important for fish decor for bathrooms.

I think originality is very important in elevating your decor to the next level. I wanted it to have a mixture of color to make it versatile and make a statement. I also wanted to be able to pull any color from the art work and use it as my accent color. I would use towels and throw rugs in the accent color to make a visual impact.

Fish Wall Art For Bathrooms

I wanted to make it easy to change the accent color whenever I wanted. It’s easy to change out the towels and rug for another color and give the bathroom a new different look. My bathroom was already in a natural color so all I needed was to plan my wall gallery.

Neutral Bathroom Wall Color Is Great For Decor

If your bathroom walls are in a natural color and the ceramic fish art work in the right colors, this combination would give an otherwise plain bathroom high visual interest. I decided to go with a wall gallery because I had one wall that was fairly large and bare. One wall art décor would look awkward on the wall and would not fill the space so a gallery would be the best choice. I also wanted something that would be steam proof. My bathroom tends to get real steamy therefore I knew ceramics would hold up very well.

As you can see in the photo above, a neutral color throw rug is placed on the bathroom floor in front of the tub. The brown color in the throw rug plays well with the brown ceramic fish. Also, the darker accents work very well with the black color of the ceramic fish. The ceramic fish are very colorful but do not look out of place because the room’s accent colors are also represented in the artwork. The focal point of the bathroom is now the colorful ceramic fish hanging on the wall. If you remove the ceramic fish wall art, then the tub becomes a major focal point. The colorful artwork takes this ordinary but very nice bathroom to the next level. The bathroom looks original and has character. Folks will be asking questions because you can’t just go to a big box store and replicate what you see here.

A neutral color wall is the perfect place for colorful fish decor
A neutral color wall is the perfect place for colorful fish decor

What Are The 3 Types Of Ceramics? – Ceramic or pottery may be divided into three categories: Earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain.

Handmade Ceramic Fish Wall Art – Colorful ceramic fish wall hanging.

Creating The Fish Decor

School of ceramic fish for bathroom wall

Since I was planning a gallery of ceramics I wanted to size each piece the right size. I did not want to have it too big. I ended up with ceramics about nine and ten inches long. This size would fill the space and work well in my situation. I thought about doing starfish or maybe old bathroom signs to make it look vintage but I ended up with ceramic fish. The fish would be grouped together on the wall making my gallery. I would position them going down or up at a slight angle to make it interesting. To form the gallery all I need was three fish approximately nine to eleven inches long each.

Three fish were made by cutting the clay into three equal parts and rolling them out on the roller to get a nice and even thickness. All the air was worked out of the clay beforehand. Then the clay was shaped into the final design, the shape of a fish.

The clay fish was then set out to dry. The clay slowly dried out and became what’s called “Leather Hard”. This is a state where the water in the clay has evaporated. Once fired the clay is called bisqueware. In this state, the clay art is easily breakable. Several coats of paint were applied, let dry and then fired the pieces up to about two thousand degrees in the kiln.

Bathroom Fish Decor Color Scheme

The color scheme is colorful and uses complementary colors that looked great together. The fish turned out to be great. They did not break during the firing process. I mounted the fish on a bathroom wall turning the wall into a ceramic wall art gallery.

Striped Bass with black, blue and red accent colors

I liked the results. For each fish complementary vivid colors that looked good together was used. Color is one of the most important aspects of art. If the color is wrong then everything dose not matter. The artwork is not good in my opinion.

Bathroom Fish Decor Conclusion

Striped Bass with black, green, orange and red accent colors

I hope this was an interesting article and provided you with some bathroom decor ideas. Ceramic tile and ceramic art works well in the bathroom and by using a natural wall color and using a darker color accents and wall art you can make a dramatic impact. This scheme also makes it easy to change to another color. And if you are going to sell, the buyer most likely will not have to reconstruct bathroom tiles for another color. They would simply change the accents.

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